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EFA Current Year Sponsor's

The project has many other sponsors who do not wish to disclose their identity and wish to be 'Silent Sponsors'

  • Mr. Aditya Makharia

    Director of Aashirvad Sarees Pvt. Ltd. A trade showroom with display of a wide range of collections dealing in all types of Printed and Embroidered Sarees in different types of fabrics. He is also one of the initial sponsor’s of the project.

  • Mr. Alkesh Agarwal

    Mr. Alkesh Agarwal, the CEO of Re-feel Cartridge Engineering Pvt. Ltd., having championed the cause of a green enviornment with his green refilling concept, has now taken the charge to do his bit in empowering the cause of education. An innovative mind, a brave soul and with a kind heart, he thrives to be socially responsible at all times.

  • Mr. B.D Sureka

    Bishwambhar Dayal Sureka is a well recognized name today in the fields of education and social sciences. His varied interests in trade, industry commerce and active participation in affairs like art, culture, religion, education, child welfare are well appreciated by one and all. He is philanthropic in matters of education, religion, medical and socio economic assistance through his privately established Manovikas Trust.

  • Mr. Bhani Ram Sureka

    Sri Bhani Ram Sureka, well known amongst the Marwari Samaj, is a social worker taking keen interest and initiative in various humanitarian and social work. Presently aged 69, his motto is “love all and hate none”. Away from the din and bustle of hectic business life, he finds immense mental comfort & happiness in pursuing social work. His activities have brought him close to many celebrities & personalities.

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Key Sponsors

Shree Cement Ltd is a leading name in the cement industry, with its works located in Rajasthan and Corporate headquarters in Kolkata. With social responsibilty as one of its core values, Shree Cement Ltd. has also contributed generously to rural development, disaster relief and healthcare projects.

Prabha Khaitan Foundation is dedicated to the social,cultural and educational advancement of the society. The Kolkata based NGO runs humanitarian projects across the country which includes Women’s Training Centres, Child Literacy Programmes and Aid Drives. It organises panel discussions and interactive sessions with prominent personalities from various fields to spread awareness and information about a wide range of subjects.

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